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DFBP (Database of food-derived bioactive peptides) collected 6818 entries of food-derived bioactive peptides, 21249 entries of food-derived proteins, along with multiple analysis tools, currently. As a comprehensive database on food-derived bioactive peptides, it can (i) provide an intelligent retrieval and analysis platform for food-derived bioactive peptides, (ii) bring the detailed information about the physicochemical characteristics of food-derived bioactive peptides to facilitate the discovery of new peptide-based drugs and healthy food, and (iii) help users better investigate how peptides exert their bioactive effects on molecular level, for food-derived peptides. In particular, all data in DFBP are manually organized by "Literature retrieving-Data extraction-Information integration".

Data Portal Summary
Peptide Classification Peptide Sequences Peptide Entries
31 4506 6818
Peptide Attributes Multifunctional Peptides Food-borne Proteins
30 763 21249
Literatures Application Tools Sequence features
1065 6 6
Food contains a large number of bioactive peptides, which are closely related to the occurrence and development of many chronic diseases, and are of great significance for promoting human health. DFBP can be mainly used in the following content.
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Please cite: Qin D, Bo W, Zheng X, Hao Y, Li B, Zheng J, Liang G. DFBP: A Comprehensive Database of Food-Derived Bioactive Peptides for Peptidomics Research. Bioinformatics, 38(12), 2022, 3275-3280. Download PDF
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